Our Aims & Policies

The main aim of the school is to cater for the educational and emotional needs of our pupils in a caring, nurturing, disciplined and stimulating environment, liaising closely with the home to the benefit of the individual child.

We aim to equip our children to take their place in our multi-cultural society as confident, polite, compassionate and tolerant individuals - qualities which reflect the ethos of our school. We achieve these aims through a holistic approach to each child's education; the teaching of a broad, balanced curriculum to small classes, giving every child, regardless of ability, the opportunity to develop his/her self-esteem, whilst achieving his/her true potential.

This is coupled with a range of out of school activities which, while complementing the curriculum, offers pupil personal choice in their development programme and an opportunity for individual talent to be identified and encouraged.

Every child is provided with a variety of opportunities within the school to develop academically, socially, spiritually, sportingly, musicly, artistically and dramatically to develop their potential across all these areas.


Prenton Prep Safeguarding Policy

Prenton Prep Complaints Policy

Prenton Prep Anti-Bullying Policy

Prenton Prep Pupil Behaviour Policy

Prenton Prep Staff Code of Conduct

Prenton Prep Health & Safety Policy

Prenton Prep Curriculum Policy

Prenton Prep Special Educational Needs & Disability Policy

Prenton Prep Teaching & Learning Policy

Prenton Prep Admissions Policy

With an initial prospectus all parents receive a hard copy of a complaints policy and procedure as well as our policy on safeguarding children.

In addition to these, many other policies are available upon request in school should you need to view them, these include:

Pupil welfare policy, English as an additional language (EAL) policy, Uncollected Child Policy, Lost Child Policy

If you wish to view any of these policies, or see the whole list of school policies, please speak to the School Secretary, Mrs Slater, who will make convenient arrangements.